Welcome to our FAQs page where we try to answer as many of your questions as possible.

If there is anything else you would like to know, which we have not covered here, please contact us.

Q: Can anyone come and stay at The Brighton Erotic Boudoir?

A: We welcome couples and play partners over the age of 18, of all sexual orientations.


Q: What kinds of guests come to stay?

A: We welcome a wide variety of guests, from couples planning an extra-special naughty weekend away, to Masters and Mistresses seeking a state-of-the-art dungeon for their sessions. Some of our guests are simply out on the town, doing some shopping, or going for dinner, and they fancy having a play for a few hours.


Q: Is The Brighton Erotic Boudoir like a hotel?

A: We are not a hotel and our chambers are self-catering. We do have a water cooler, tea and coffee facilities and an (unstocked) mini fridge, but our guests bring their own refreshments. We are also in a central location with lots of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops where you can find pretty much anything you fancy to eat or drink (including late at night!)


Q: Do we get access to the whole premises?

A: Yes, you will get access to the whole premises, including the medical room, dungeon, cells, wet room and, of course, the boudoir suite where you can relax and sleep.


Q: Do we have to share the chambers with anyone else?

A: No, you will not have to share the space with anyone else. Our chambers are self-contained and private for the guests who have booked them.


Q: Do we get to play with all the equipment and toys?

A: All the implements and equipment that are on show is there to be used. You will get to play with most of the equipment and toys. Certain pieces, however, will be off limits and some of the cabinets and drawers will be locked for safety and security reasons. Hygiene is also paramount, thus restrictions on some items, and we ensure the premises, equipment and all toys available to play with are professionally cleaned and sterilised.


Q: How will we known what we can and cannot play with?

A: Upon arrival you will receive a guided tour of the premises, with the different rooms and equipment explained to you and the opportunity to ask questions. As a rule, you should only play with equipment you feel familiar and comfortable with.


Q: Is there someone to show us how to use the equipment?

A:  We will explain the equipment during your welcome tour. However, to reiterate, you should not be using any equipment you are not comfortable or familiar with.


Q: We are experienced players, can we have access to more of the equipment?

A: Different pieces of equipment may be made available to different guests depending upon your individual levels of experience. Please lets us know in advance of your booking if you would like to discuss possible options.


Q: Is there a Mistress present?

A: No, there is not a Mistress present, this is not a booking with a Dominatrix. Rather, this is a premises which you can book for your own private time, with your own partner/s and playmate/s, but we can organise for a Dominatrix / Mistress or Master to join you. This would have to be booked and paid in advance before your arrival.


Q: Do you provide a wardrobe of outfits for role play?

A: No we do not provide a wardrobe, but can recommend excellent shops in the area. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will tell you where you can find it!


Q: How many people can come and stay or play at one time?

A: The boudoir sleeps two as standard, but offers a large bed and it is not unheard of us to have three guests at a time! Please lets us know in advance of booking if you wish to bring an additional guest to our chambers as this is an extra charge.


Q: Are there any house rules?

A: Yes, there are house rules and we expect all our guests to adhere to them. It is imperative all guests exercise appropriate duty of care within all play, from kinky fun through to more serious BDSM. We request you respect your partner/s and the premises and equipment and always remember your safe words. We may also request proof of age if you look younger than 18. Please see Terms and Conditions for more information.


Q: What facilities are there?

A: In addition to our themed rooms, there is a wet room style bathroom,  fresh linen, towels, toiletries/condoms/lube,  a water cooler, bar fridge (unstocked), WiFi access, hairdryer, mini iron and ironing board.

The chambers are self-catering and there is no kitchen on the premises, but we are surrounded by excellent restaurants, cafes and shops on Preston Street where you can find everything you need (even at a late hour).


Q: How short or long a time can we book for?

A: Most of our guests book for two nights, but we also accept one night and hourly bookings for a minimum of two hours (depending on terms on availability).


Q: What does it cost?

A: The cost is £480 GBP for two nights, £300 for one night, and £50 per hour per hour for a minimum of two hours. Deposits are required to secure all bookings and are non-refundable unless you give us 2 weeks notice. We will then take your deposit of your next booking.

Q: How do I book?

A: Please go to our RATES-BOOKINGS-ENQUIRIES  page and fill in the form. Please be specific with your inquiry.

You will be promoted to pay a deposit of £100 for a one-night booking, or £200 for a two-night booking, with the balance payable on the day. You can, of course, pay in full upfront if you wish!


Q: What happens when I arrive?

A: You will be greeted by our  House Domina; Dominatrix V


Q: How far in advance do I need to book?

A: Many of our guests book months in advance, but this is not always necessary. Please contact us as soon as you have dates and we will get back to you straight away with our availability, please be aware that occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas tend to get booked up earlier.


Q: What happens if I need to cancel my booking? Do I get my money back?

A: Deposit’s are non-refundable unless we are given 2 weeks notice prior to cancellation.

Terms for hourly bookings will be discussed when you contact us with your enquiry, as these can often be arranged at shorter notice.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are in central Brighton, minutes from the seafront and about 10-15 minutes’ walk, or five minutes’ taxi ride, from Brighton station.


Q: Do you have wheelchair access?

A: Unfortunately, our chambers are on a lower ground floor, accessible via a curved staircase and we do not have wheelchair access.